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About 4-H Youth Development

What is 4-H? 
          4-H is about growing and learning, but it's also about having fun.

4-H is open to all youth ages 7-18 and adult volunteers of all ages working together. There is no fee to be a 4-H member, simply choose a club to join.  4-H organizes for the new year each October 1. Youth may join throughout the year, but must join by May 1 in order to participate in the Reno County Fair.  Clubs meet monthly to work on projects, teach parliamentary procedures, or carry out community service projects.  Check out our list of Reno County 4-H Clubs.

There are two kinds of 4-H clubs that youth may join, Community Clubs & Project Clubs. In either type of 4-H club, youth have fun with a purpose.  Community clubs include youth who enroll in a variety of projects; Project clubs include members enrolled in the same project.

Community clubs typically have structured business meetings, and emphasize community service, recreational activities and improving communication skills.
Project clubs also have regular meetings and activities which are conducted with focus on a specific project.

4-H uses research-based project information to empower youth to do things they've never done before in a creative and confident way. 4-H doesn’t have a membership fee, although some projects may have costs associated with them. Best of all, you can choose your level of participation – as much or as little as you have time for.

4-H teaches youth to analyze information, make decisions, communicate effectively, prepare for careers, serve their communities and plan for healthy lifestyles - all while they're having fun. So, go ahead, get involved in 4-H - and have some fun! 


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Program Contacts

Joan Krumme

4-H Agent
Donna Phillips
4-H Program Assistant
Reno County Extension
2 W 10th Ave
So. Hutchinson KS 67505


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